Naturotherapist in Applied Metaphysics

The Applied Metaphysics program primary path leads to a variety of specializations and is excellent for students who desire do training or speaking, conduct life-coaching, spiritual coaching, Christian counselling, meditation practitioner and metaphysical minister. It focuses on helping clients achieve goals and overcome personal and spiritual challenges. The program is accredited by the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) (, graduates of this program can apply for an ordained minister license with CIMM and will be allowed to perform wedding ceremonies in several provinces in Canada and be registered as ministers of religion. The program is also accredited by l’Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec (, graduates can apply to register as naturotherapist with the association.

Students will learn techniques for both counseling and coaching modalities so that they may be better equipped to address a variety of client needs. Possible career paths include (with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes):

Ministers of Religion in Metaphysics (NOC 4154)
Spiritual, Christian and/or pastoral counselors (NOC 4154)
Relationship counsellors (NOC 4153)
Practitioners of natural healing in Yoga, relaxation, meditation and life coaching therapy (NOC 3232)
Metaphysical authors, speakers, workshop leaders, and teachers
Consciousness and existence researchers

Naturotherapist in Applied Metaphysics

Metaphysics 50 hrs

Divine Metaphysics 100 hrs

Comparative Religions 50 hrs

Psychology and consciousness 50 hrs

Parapsychology 50 hrs

Modern Revelations 100 hrs

Gnostic Studies 50 hrs

Pastoral care and Spiritual Counseling 100 hrs

Yoga 100 hrs

Quantum Physics and Consciousness 50 hrs

Near death studies for grief counseling and existential therapy 50 hrs

The program has recognition by the Open Christian University for a Bachelor of Christian Counselling (Christian Metaphysics) award.

Total 750 hrs Tuition Fee $ 2000 CAN (Email us at for possible scholarship plans)


Online Registration – The Institute of consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology i (


  • $2,000.00
  • 750 hours

Featured Testimonial

I completed my ICSTP naturotherapist designation in applied metaphysics and now I am an ordained minister and life coach.

Helena Luciani Basso

Ordained Minister

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