Naturotherapist in Holistic Psychology




Naturotherapist in Holistic Psychology

Psychology and Consciousness 50 hrs

Parapsychology 50 hrs

Quantum Physics and Consciousness: 50 hrs

Altered State of Consciousness and Healing therapies 100 hrs

Vibrational Healing with Technology 50 hrs

Transpersonal and humanistic psychology: 100 hrs

Transpersonal Finance 50 hrs

Near death studies for grief counseling and existential therapy 50 hrs

Psychiatric Naturopathy 50 hrs

Biofeedback and Neuro feedback 100 hrs

Jungian Psychoanalysis with Therapeutic Tarot 50 hr

Transpersonal exo-consciousness through Human Initiated Contact: A Transpersonal Psychology perspective 50 hrs

Total 750 hrs  Tuition Fee $2000 CAN (Please email us at for scholarship opportunities)

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